I'm pleased to say that, after a successful operation and a couple of years
'taking it easy' I am now reasonably well.
I have decided that I'm not quite ready to retire and want to keep busy making things.

I've been back at the drawing board with the aim of designing a new bass
using alternative production methods and materials.
We were well ahead of our time with the use of carbon graphite back in 1981.
I still keep returning to our original 'Classic' Status body shape which is as relevant and popular today as it was when I first designed it over 40 years ago.

We made several thousand great basses with wood necks in the 90's so I decided
this is an area I would like to explore further.

We are known world-wide for our use of carbon graphite in our instruments and have a very successful history of this but I have decided that it's time for a change and we will not currently be producing or taking orders for any of our previous models.

Remarkably, this is the twenty-third series of Status bass models.

The Series 2023 range will include three new instruments :

Click the link or photographs above.

We have a limited number of basses in stock
and ready to ship out now.


All models still retains the original Status design features :

Classic Status body shape.
Status 18 volt EQ.
Status custom-wound soap-bar pickups.
Solid brass CNC machined hardware.
Richlite Phenolic fingerboard.
Dual-action truss-rod.
Custom Status LED options.

New to all models is a unique graphite reinforced, bolt-on, maple neck.

Our unique design and construction results in the sonic qualities being
virtually the same as our original graphite moulded necks.

Three pieces of hard rock maple are selected and bonded together.
The maple is sliced and glued so any natural movement is counterbalanced which makes it both rigid and stable. Two graphite rods are then set under the Richlite phenolic fingerboard either side of the dual-action truss-rod.

Each neck is individually fitted to a solid hardwood body, which means a tighter fit for better sustain and sonic response.

Both the neck and body are finished in a smooth, durable satin lacquer.

All basses, pickups and circuits are still designed and made
in our workshop here in Colchester, England.

Happy bass playing, Rob.


Don't forget to let us know where you are in the world.
We can then calculate the cost including shipping / insurance.


Each instrument has larger photographs which can be viewed by clicking on the image.

As with all images, when viewed over the internet detail and colour can not
be an exact match when compared to the original instruments.
I have tried to keep the image as faithful as possible but variations in
computers and monitor settings will have some effect.