Chris Wolstenholme

Status Graphite Signature Bass

The awesome bass sound behind
the multi-platinum selling band
New MUSE track and video "Dead Inside" :

The making of the latest album - 2nd Law :

The 'War Child' gig at the Shepherd's Bush Empire, London :

The Brits awards, London :

NCAA Madness :

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KingBass 'Chameleon' Paramatrix

Here are the latest Paramatrix KingBasses Mark King used on his recent UK / European tour.

INDIGO : blue changes to purple
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PHOENIX : red changes to gold.
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Both have 2 / 3 colour 'flip' effects.

Photograph : David Dunne

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Mark Kings latest squeeze.

All that great Status Paramatrix tone plus even more notes.

'Gizmodrome' : September 15th.
New album with Stuart Copeland, Adrian Belew and Vittorio Cosma.

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Alex 'V-MAN' Venturella

The hottest player on the planet.
More information and V-MAN Signature Bass coming soon.

Alex talking to 'Total Guitar' about one of his current basses.




The Status Bass Evolution

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KingBass Paramatrix

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Mark King's latest bass.

New pickups and circuitry giving a
vast arrange of tones.

Graphite and wood facing options.

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Mark King
At home in his studio playing Gaddafi Duck.

See Mark talk about the Paramatrix Bass in this
iBass Magazine interview.


Deon Estus chatting about time working with George Michael RIP


We have strings !

Double-Ball and single-ball round-wound strings are back.

Unfortunately flats and halves are still not available yet.

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