In celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Level 42 making great music and in collaboration with Mark King
we have developed a special version of the now classic KingBass.



Each custom-made instrument will be supplied with an individually numbered certificate
signed by both Mark King and Rob Green.

The original KingBass was designed and first introduced 10 years ago.

Mark suggested the combination of the original, smaller body combined with the Mk-II J pickups and classic Status EQ.
His 4-string models retain the custom 16.5mm string spacing and 32" scale "BendWell" options preferred by Mark.

Birds eye maple veneer over mahogany back.
Vintage - amber sunburst with faux binding.


Mark King and Level 42 in Belgium, June 2010.

Live photograps by Stijn De Grauwe -

The 30th Anniversary KingBass is available as both
four and five string models and includes many custom options :

> Custom 16.5mm string spacing

> Headless woven graphite neck with custom 32" scale and 'BendWell'

> Custom 2010 hum-cancelling J type pickups

> 3-band EQ with variable frequency midrange

> Custom front and side LED's featuring new back-lit stars

> Graphite through-neck set into body below the front facing wood

> Book-matched birds eye or flamed maple facing veneer

> Two stunning colour options : Cherry-amber or Vintage-amber sunburst

> Custom gold hardware designed by Rob Green and custom made for Status Graphite


# The 30th Anniversary model only has the wood and LED options as listed below.
These will have exactly the same specifications, colours, EQ and set-up as Mark's basses.

Birds eye maple facing veneer
Vintage-amber sunburst
Mahogany back

Custom 'star' LED's on front face of fingerboard
Blue LED's on 3, 5, 7, 9, 15, 17, 19, 21 and 24th frets
*Note* Two red LED's on the 12th fret
Red side LED's
Custom 30th Anniversary logo in BendWell
Gold hardware

Flamed maple facing veneer
Cherry-amber sunburst
Mahogany back

Custom 'star' LED's on front face of fingerboard
Green LED's on 3, 5, 7, 9, 15, 17, 19, 21 and 24th frets
*Note* Two red LED's on the 12th fret
Red side LED's
Custom 30th Anniversary logo in BendWell
Gold hardware

Please contact us for price and availability including International shipping / insurance costs.


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The custom 32" scale BendWell is fitted as standard.

It has a silver logo stating :

"Level 42, 30th Anniversary, 1980 - 2010".

The headless "top-nut" is designed to use double-ball strings but you can also fit regular single-ball strings using the locking screws supplied with the bass.
  Mark's bass has his name back-lit with red LED's on the 12th fret.

Custom production models will have two star shaped LED's on the 12th fret as standard.

Blue and red LED's are featured on the birds eye maple / vintage sunburst model
Green and red LED's are featured on the flamed maple / vintage sunburst model
  Mark has two 30th Anniversary basses :

This model has a flame maple facing veneer over a mahogany back.
The faux, natural binding accentuates the cherry - amber sunburst.

Green and red LED's are fitted.
  Mark's other 30th Anniversary model has a birds eye maple veneer over a mahogany back with a vintage - amber sunburst.

Gold hardware is fitted as standard.
  Star shaped front LED's back-lit with blue LED's.

A dual-action truss-rod is fitted. This allows a perfect set-up to suit your personal preference and playing style.
  The 30th Anniversary J pickups are a completely new 2010 design.
Clarity and dynamics are preserved while being fully screened and hum-cancelling.

An active EQ is fitted which has treble and bass, cut / boost controls.
It also has a variable frequency midrange control with a boost / flat / cut switch.

An 18 volt battery supply is fitted to allow for full dynamics and maximum headroom.
  The woven graphite through-neck is set into the body then the facing wood is vacuum pressed on. This is a more difficult and time consuming design but allows the wood to be seen across the full face of the body.

All hardware is custom made to our own design exclusively for Status Graphite.
  Mark and Mike rehearsing in London before leaving for Japan, Europe and the USA.



Flame maple veneer over mahogany back.
Cherry - amber sunburst.
Custom compound arch-top.