The Status 2018 T-Bass

 In the early 90's Trace Elliot asked me to design the original T-Bass as a Limited Edition model.
The last of the 'Trace Elliot' T-Basses was made in 1997.

This latest version is now available as either a 4 or 5 string model and includes some
new innovations including a
woven graphite neck with a phenolic fingerboard.

A graphite neck is more stable, has a more even response and better dynamics.

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The original idea was to make a bass that was classic... but original.
ThisThis 2018 model now features new Status pickups and EQ, new LEDs, new finishes.

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Standard colours include Cherry/amber sunburst, Aqua blue sunburst and Vintage amber sunburst.
All include a custom faux binding to the front chamfer.
Other custom colours are available. P.O.A.

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There was one particular idea we wanted to include on the original T-Bass :
Angling the tuners down and back towards the player.

This proved much harder to achieve than the original, scribbled drawing.
With the various compound angles it was interesting getting everything lined up.

I named it the E.T.S - Ergonomic Tuning System.


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Specifications :

> 24 fret woven graphite neck

> Phenolic fingerboard

> Alder body with book-matched figured maple or Ash facing

> Status P / J pickups

> Status 2-band EQ with Master volume and pickup blend controls

> 18 volt EQ battery power

> Status mono-rail bridge units

> Chrome hardware. (Gold and black also available)

> Custom Status LEDs available.
Front, side or wrap-around.
Red, blue, green, amber or white.
Tri-colour (Red, Green and Blue switchable on the same fingerboard)

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Mark King has been using this bass on the recent 'Gizmodrome' tour.
Great new album out now with Stuart Copeland, Adrian Belew and Vittorio Cosma.

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