VMAN Signature Bass

25TH Anniversary tour...

Alessandro ' VMAN ' Venturella

VMAN has been using a selection of Status basses
both live and in the studio with Slipknot for many years.

With his input we have refined our classic Status design into a new, leaner looking bass.


This bass has all the massive sound qualities of the Status range but many of the controls are securely tucked away in the control cavity. Once set the EQ can not accidentally be changed when playing.

The 18 volt EQ can be adjusted via trim-pots mounted directly on the circuit board and easily accessed through the Custom engraved back-plate.

The only controls on the front of the bass are :

Pickup blend with centre detent.
Master volume.
Midrange pre-shape boost / flat / cut switch.

Trim-pots inside the control cavity are :

Treble and bass cut / boost.
2 x mid frequency controls.
Overall output gain.

Information for setting the controls is included with the bass.

Two Status hum-cancelling pickups are custom wound to create a full tone but with great attack.

A stunning blue / green / purple chameleon smooth satin lacquer is used on the body
with satin black on the neck.

Luminous side neck markers are fitted as standard.

Please note :
The top-nut / string guide is machined for 45-65-85-105 gauge strings as standard.
If you wish to fit heavier gauge strings you will need to file the top-nut wider to suit.

The ' VMAN ' Signature bass is currently available as a headed 4-string.

We have a very limited number of

VMAN Signature basses

finished and ready to ship.

Let us know where you are so we can calculate
the cost including shipping / insurance.


The Bass features custom chameleon satin lacquer.
The direction of the light changes the colour :
From blue, through greens and purple.

All Status bolt-on necks are now constructed using
graphite reinforced rock rock maple.

Three pieces are pressed together with the graphite rods set
either side of the truss-rod under the phenolic fingerboard.

This gives a stable and rigid neck designed to produce a wide frequency response with great attack and sustain.

A satin black lacquer is used on all necks.

The VMAN model is currently available as a headed 4-string.


Blue / Green / Purple Video

This is the same bass but with the light shifted...
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Audio tracks
Which is the new graphite reinforced maple neck?
** Best heard on decent speakers **
(Answer at the bottom of the page)
( 'The Dying Song' from the Slipknot album 'The End, So Far' )

# 1

# 2

Pre-set EQ and gain can be adjusted through the back-plate


The 5mm neck markers are filled with a luminous resin.

They are easily seen under normal conditions but when ultraviolet or 'black light' is shone on them they will glow green/white for some time.

Ultraviolet torches are readily available from many suppliers.
More powerful torches will have a greater effect.

** Please be aware and follow safety instructions when using ultraviolet torches **



Alessandro ' VMAN ' Venturella

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All Status Basses and Guitars are
custom made in our own workshop here in England.

We also make our own pickups and design and make all EQ boards.

All instruments are supplied in a Status hard case.



Due to the variations in photography, computers and monitors,
there will always be some variations in image quality and colours.

Audio tracks answer :