The Serious Compact Bass


 The Streamline Bass is a one-piece, woven graphite composite instrument.

Its compact design may be light-weight but it is a true, professional bass guitar which delivers all the quality you would expect from any Status Bass.

The 24 fret fingerboard has a regular 34" scale. Only the body is smaller to make it more convenient when travelling or in a space restricted gigging or studio situation.

An elongated upper body makes the balance perfect when used with a regular guitar strap but, to make sure the upper fret access is not restricted, the back of the neck and body has a deep recess.

The Streamline features a Status 2-band EQ with individual treble and bass controls,
master volume and pickup blend control.
(Image includes optional front dot markers)

As with all Status basses, the fingerboard is available fretted,
plain or lined fretless at no extra cost.

Front dots and front or side LEDs are also available.

The Streamline is available as a 4 or 5-string bass only

Guy Pratt with his 5-string Streamline

(Click for larger image)



An 18 volt battery supply is fitted to the Streamline with the batteries fitted in quick-change,
flip-up battery boxes.

The Status soap-bar pickups feed a Status 2-band active EQ with individual controls. This circuit has been developed specifically for the Streamline bass to give a wide frequency response with a broad range of tones. The Status active circuit is augmented with master volume and pickup blend controls. A side jack socket is fitted.

Headless mono-rail tuners and the unique head-piece are fitted. These have been designed by Status to work perfectly with both double-ball and regular single-ball strings. The bridge / tuner unit is fully adjustable to perfectly set the action and intonation.... once set, the bridge can be locked in place with the small Allen screws for maximum dynamics and sustain.
We recommend using Status Hotwire, double-ball strings but regular single-ball strings can also be fitted. They can be locked into the head-piece with the Allen screws we supply with the bass.

All hardware is finished in black as standard.
Gold and chrome is available as a custom option.
The fingerboard has not front dot markers as standard.
Front dot markers are a custom option.


Custom tansparent colour tints and opaque metallic colours are also available.